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We believe in your side hustle.

Creatives shouldn’t be prevented from side hustle success simply because they’re pursuing their dream in the wee hours of the morning before they start their day job. We believe in mamas pushing out content during morning naps and engaging on their platforms in the preschool pickup line.

Pursuing an intentional Pinterest marketing strategy that utilizes efficiency and automation will lead to more than just new site traffic — you’ll have a better understanding of your business, grow your audience, and learn the value of working smarter, not harder, so you can get back to your family sooner. We’ve designed a thoughtfully-curated, five-part course with easy-to-use tutorials as a map to your small business’s online success. We’re also really good at coming up with Pinterest captions.

We want to teach you how to do the same.

Feel like you're missing the golden ticket to online marketing? Without a Pinterest marketing strategy, you are. Learn how to leverage Pinterest to grow your side hustle using our quick and easy steps to implementation, allowing you to schedule pins to automatically post throughout the day. It takes us just under an hour to schedule our pins each month. Try our Pinterest for Creatives course today! #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #coursecreation #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning
Let us teach you how to pursue a Pinterst marketing strategy for your creative side hustle that is automated and easy-to-implement. We know that creative side hustlers don't have a ton of time to spend on marketing -- we get it because we're there, too! Grow your site traffic using Pinterest to get more sales coming in, allowing you to spend less time actively pursing new clients or customers and more time with your family. #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #coursecreation #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning
Looking for a way to learn more about how you can use Pinterest to grow your creative side hustle? With Pinterest for Creatives by The Bloom Design Company, you'll not only grow your online site traffic, but you'll have a better understanding of your target audience. Grab a copy of this digital course for yourself today! #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #coursecreation #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning

 does this sound familiar?

As a side hustlin’ mama, your passion for a freshly-bathed babe is nearly matched by your dreams for your little entrepreneurial venture. You frequently find yourself doing the following:

  • Picking up your art from the print shop between soccer practice and bathtime.

  • Alternating between changing business strategies and questionably saggy diapers.

  • Collaborating with picky eaters on that evening’s dinner options and picky clients on a discovery call after the kids are down.

You shouldn’t feel limited by the clock or what you enjoy. You also shouldn’t feel limited by the fact that your hobby is far from yielding a substantial income. We’re here to help! It’ll come with a little effort and some patience. 

Does it seem like you can never find enough time to dive into the world of online marketing? And in the off-chance that you miraculously have time, wouldn’t you rather put it toward creation? The right content may be there and you’ve dedicated a chunk in each day to dig in, but your struggle is identifying the best starting point, so your marketing strategy feels a bit directionless. Maybe it’s all there, but an empty inbox at the start of each day keeps you scratching your head. Any of this sound familiar?

Since the dawn of time (or, at least, the current entrepreneurial era), side hustlers have questioned their profit-producing leisure pursuit, and considered new hobbies or a hiatus altogether. But, before you surrender, take a walk with us.


 You have a friend whose creative business blew up in a matter of weeks and now you’re seeing the tiny little “sponsored” tag pop up beneath her posts. You know she has inquiries flooding in day after day, her follower count doubled after just one giveaway, and her site traffic? You can't be sure, but you speculate a crash might be imminent if there’s even one more sale push. It all just reeks of cash flow and side hustle success. You’re thrilled to see her doing well and wondering how you can get your hands on your own recipe for success!

Well, fellow mamas, here it is:


 Play to win with Pinterest!

The Bloom Design Company’s Pinterest For Creatives course will teach you how to assemble an online marketing strategy with a time allotment of just two hours a week (or much less!). You’ll develop an increased understanding of SEO, which will provide you with the analytical reasoning behind a post ranking and possibly going viral. Your website traffic will skyrocket, putting your business on the map and giving you a competitive edge in the online marketplace. You’ll soon be able to dissect your target audience and uncover what it is that most appeals to them. This business strategy helps you be more intentional with your time so you can have more of it to devote to the development of products or services.

Pinterest for Creatives is a downloadable PDF course that details how to efficiently use a Pinterest marketing strategy to advertise your creative products and services. We’ve designed this course with creative mamas in mind, outlining the best practices to apply when marketing your own creative side hustle. We share what has worked for us and have detailed the steps we took to find the holy grail of winning Pinterest strategies.

Once you find your groove, we estimate you’ll spend less than two hours a month scheduling pins, and as busy, side hustlin’ mamas know, a few minutes saved in one place is a few minutes credited somewhere else. Enjoy the peace of mind as site traffic comes rolling in and spend more time creating or engaging with your audience. Serve more clients with all your extra time. Collect more cash! 

Developing this blueprint has been a labor of love as we’ve picked apart our processes and stitched them together. This course is 78 pages of step-by-step tutorials and tactical resources to get you started on building out a marketing strategy for your growing small business. Whether you’re just now seeing your first success, or you’re exhausted by the stagnant, slow crawl of a hobby-turned-moneymaker, this course is for you.




Pinterest for Creatives

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Includes the 78-page PDF document with five sections detailing tutorials and additional tips + resources

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Online Marketing for Creatives

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Includes this course + Blogging for Creatives course + our Nice to Meet You, Target Client e-book

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I access this course?

Click the “Add to Cart” button above and purchase! Pinterest For Creatives is a digital download, which makes it easy to access anywhere — on your computer, phone, or tablet!

Can I share this course with other creatives?

As creative people, we’re always eager to share our success with others! We’re also painfully aware of the nuances that come with putting time and energy into each creative project without reaping any of the benefits. For this reason, we ask that you not share this content illegally and respect the time and effort we’ve taken to create this course. We’re happy to reveal our secrets and this way, everybody wins.

How long will the course take me to finish?

The course is 78 pages long and has been broken up into five sections. It covers everything from how Pinterest works to how to write ranking captions and will help you sort through what kind of content you should regularly pin. The content was designed for creators to learn at their own pace. You could read it in a weekend, a few months, or bit-by-bit as you uncover new pressure points you’d like to get a better handle on.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed with creative entrepreneurs in mind, especially those who feel held back by a lack of understanding of online marketing. No previous knowledge is needed upfront. That’s what we’re here to teach you!

Are there other materials I’ll need to purchase before beginning the course?

Not necessarily, although, The Bloom Design Company’s Online Marketing for Creatives Course Bundle is also for available purchase, which includes both Pinterest for Creatives and Blogging for Creatives, along with our e-book Nice to Meet You, Target Client which discusses how to go about analyzing your target audience. These two supplemental resources do not need to be purchased in order to complete Pinterest For Creatives.


 case study

In April of 2019, The Bloom Design Company helped Wild Rag Boutique (@wildragboutique) implement a Pinterest pinning schedule. Owner of the company, Sierra Bass, had primarily been selling her products via Instagram and Facebook, but wasn't gaining the traction she’d hoped for. As of September 2019, her monthly sales have more than tripled and her numbers grow larger every month. This success attribution is twofold: Sierra’s got a killer product and a winning Pinterest strategy. 

Wild Rag Boutique started its Pinterest marketing strategy with 368 monthly viewers on its Pinterest profile, and 0 conversions. Just five months later, the brand had jumped to 280.8K monthly viewers, 482 followers, and an average of 1,180 clicks through to the site each month. 90% of the sales on Sierra's site come from Pinterest. Using Pinterest to share products on a regular basis has completely changed the game for Wild Rag Boutique!

The Pinterest marketing strategy we used for Wild Rag Boutique is the very same strategy outlined in our Pinterest for Creatives course. We explain how creative entrepreneurs can set their profile up for success by learning which type of content they should pin, how to optimize a profile, and how to write pin captions for better Pinterest search result ranking. Sierra and other creatives have seen their online exposure grow exponentially as a result of utilizing The Bloom Design Company’s winning Pinterest strategy.

Grab a copy of the course to get these incredible results for yourself!

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