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Feel like online marketing is a big waste of your budget and time?
We can help.

Wondering what it takes to be a Pinterest rockstar? Our Pinterest marketing strategies will boost your online exposure and widen your audience by delivering content directly to their Pinterest feeds. This social search strategy crosses many platforms to exponential increase your online marketing success! #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning
Pinterest marketing doesn't have to be a confusing mystery. The Bloom Design Company understands how to get your photography business booming simply through developing a pinning strategy that works for you and your budget, growing and expanding your audience and your online reach in just a few months! #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning
Online marketing starts and ends with search engine optimization, but how can you broach the space without any experience? Pinterest. The Bloom Design Company offers a variety of marketing services, including Pinterest Management, to take you from zero to Pinterest hero, without blowing your minimal side hustler budget. #bloomdesignco #pinterest #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #onlinemarketing #pinning

You’ve been side hustling for a while now, but you’re not going anywhere. The leads you’re getting from Instagram aren’t enough to justify the amount of time you spend on your Instagram marketing strategy, and word of mouth marketing just isn’t cutting it. Where do you go from here? Is this side hustle life even right for you?

Stop right there!

Before you go down that rabbit hole, let me stop you and remind you that you are a side hustle rockstar! You just don’t know when the next tour date is coming up, or which midwest town you’re going to be rocking. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: most side hustlers don’t know those things either.

However, they do know where to put their time and money to grow their small business and develop a kick-butt marketing strategy. And you can too! All you need is a little help from the Pinterest gods.



 Pinterest is a wealth of new customers and clients, just waiting for you to show up in their searches. Pinterest behaves much more like a search engine than a social media platform, which means that we have a lot more information about how to navigate that tricky algorithm. It’s beatable! With the proper keywords and optimization, you can rank!

The Bloom Design Company offers Pinterest Management services that will overhaul your Pinterest account and bring in new traffic to your website in no time, with minimal effort on your part. In fact, all we need from you is the monthly investment and we do ALL the rest of the work! This service is most beneficial to photographers and other creatives who have a consistent blogging strategy, even if that strategy is just to regularly share posts about their recent projects with lots of high-quality imagery.


level one | $100/month

Around 15 pins a day

Scheduled from client’s website content

level two | $150/month

Around 25 pins a day

Scheduled from client’s website content and top-ranking content on Pinterest to fill queue schedule

Optimized Pinterest profile + boards

level three | $225/month

Around 35-40 pins a day

Scheduled from client’s website content and top-ranking content on Pinterest to fill queue schedule

Optimized Pinterest profile + boards

This service requires an annual subscription to Tailwind Plus.

Get new inquiries and sales daily through Pinterest marketing!

fill out the inquiry form below to get more info about a project: 

 the process


step one

Submit your inquiry form, then return signed contract and client homework by the 15th

step two

We’ll plan out your pins during the month prior to publication, with time for feedback

step three

You’ll receive an invoice on the first of each month to cover the work from the previous month

step four

Pins will publish automatically throughout the month at ideal times for your audience

step five

Watch your site traffic and monthly viewership on Pinterest skyrocket!