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Is social media sucking up all your available side hustle time?

Running a side hustle is a lot of work, and so is keeping up with all the marketing! Let The Bloom Design Company take over your feed planning, scheduling, captioning, and posting to make sure your Instagram game is strong without spending so much time out of your busy day simply planning something to post, without a purpose. Grow your audience without lifting a finger! #bloomdesignco #instagram #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #gram #marketing #insta
Feel like you could use more time in your day to run your side hustle? Let us take the planning of your Instagram strategy off your hands. We'll post for you and plan content that appeals to your audience so you can spend all your free time engaging with your following and doing the things you love to do when it comes to your business. #bloomdesignco #instagram #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #gram #marketing #insta
Looking for a virtual assistant to take Instagram off your hands? Our Instagram Management service allows you to connect with your audience when and how you want to, without Instagram content planning eating up so much of your spare time for your side hustle. With service tiers to customize to your business, The Bloom Design Company is your lifeline to more success! #bloomdesignco #instagram #socialmedia #virtualassistant #sidehustle #sidegig #momboss #bossbabe #gram #marketing #insta

Running an Instagram account for your side hustle can seem like a daunting, yet necessary task, resulting in an overwhelming pressure to keep to it. Your minimal time may not allow the attention required.

That’s where we come in.

Our Instagram Planning strategy will showcase your products and services through a beautiful, visually attractive feed of content. We’ll take your high quality photos and organize them in a five category rotation of content, including a few of our own designs should you need them!

The value of passing this planning portion of your Instagram strategy off to our team is that we have the tools and bird’s eye view of the feed to know how things can be best displayed. Many of our clients find their biggest struggle to be coming up with captions, but we believe that your audience would rather connect with you personally. It’s better for you as a business owner, too, to be able to stay in touch with your target audience! To help aid in this portion of the planning, we’ll develop caption starters and share ideas relevant to both the schedule photo or graphic as well as the category that’s next up in the content rotation.

Whether you’re looking for someone to give you direction in terms of what to post or for a team to take over all posting and scheduling, we eager to take this time-consuming task off your plate. Take a look at the details below to learn more about each level of service, and then get in touch to start talking!


level one | $65/month

Three posts per week

Posts planned with caption starters based on a custom rotating content category plan

Includes up to two custom graphic designs per month

level two | $100/month

Five posts per week

Posts planned with caption starters based on a custom rotating content category plan

Includes up to four custom graphic designs per month

level three | $200/month

Five posts per week

Posts planned with full captions and hashtags, based on a custom rotating content category plan

Includes up to six custom graphic designs per month

*This service requires a subscription to Planoly.

Save time by outsourcing your Instagram planning!

fill out the inquiry form below to get more info about a project: 

 the process


step one

Submit your inquiry form, then return signed contract and client homework by the 15th

step two

We’ll plan out your posts during the month prior to publication, with time for feedback

step three

You’ll receive an invoice on the first of each month to cover the work from the previous month

step four

Posts will publish automatically throughout the month at ideal times for your audience

step five

Spend all the time you’re saving engaging with your audience or in other areas of your business