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what are your dream client’s interests?

Now that you’ve created a character surrounding your target client, you can start pinpointing what sort of content best captures their attention. Why are they even coming to Pinterest in the first place?

The benefit of understanding what they’re most interested in is that it allows us to craft content that caters to them, allowing for the maximum opportunity to get on their screen and draw them in to our profiles.

pro tip: think of anyone you know who might fit the same bill as your dream client. Check out their pinterest boards or simply reach out to them to ask about their hobbies, hopes, and dreams in an effort to better understand how you can provide beneficial content.

Start a list of the hobbies or interests that your target audience shares, and how you can serve or cater to those interests. It’s important to keep in mind whether you’ll be able to adequately provide content relevant to those specific interests.

For example, stay-at-home, work-from-home mamas are in my target audience. These women likely have boards on Pinterest where they save recipes, plans for their dream home, or beauty/style hacks. However, those topics are not in my lane, and they don’t allow me to funnel new clients in to my site, so I don’t generate content to suit those interests.

need more ideas?

To grow your list of interests relevant to your dream client, take a look at accounts similar to yours on Pinterest. Check out a few of their followers and see who else they follow, or what kinds of boards they have. You can also check out some of the most popular pins on your account and see which boards they are getting pinned to.

Be sure to download your course workbook to note these lists for easy reference in the future.


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