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how to set up rich pins

You’ve heard the name, but what exactly are Rich Pins? Rich Pins are just another way to help your web presence and to appear a bit more legit on Pinterest. Businesses who offer articles, recipes, products, and other special types of content are eligible for their pins to utilize a slightly different format pin. The title gets a larger font size and display right below the pin image, along with additional information about the post. For example, if you’re sharing a recipe, it might display the cook time or prep time. For Etsy products, you’ll see a little price tag displayed.

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where can i get some of those?

Having Rich Pins enabled on your Pinterest account helps your audience read your blog titles and captions more clearly, but it also provides more context to Pinterest and the search engine algorithm about your business. Considering it takes less than five minutes to set up for most websites, it’s something you definitely shouldn’t skip over when setting up your Pinterest profile.

setting up rich pins

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up metadata for your site. My best recommendation for how to do this is to perform a Google search for how to set this up that includes your website platform. If you’re using Squarespace, it’s already been taken care of for you!

Next, find an optimized page on your site that has a complete Page Title and Page Description. Using the Pinterest Debugger Tool, validate your site by pasting the link to your optimized page (won’t work with a homepage) in the entry box and clicking Validate and then Apply Now. With any luck, your Rich Pins should be up and running within the hour!


This process is simple, but with the wide array and diversity of website platforms and how they are all set-up, you might end up having a few issues getting your Rich Pins validated and it might take a couple tries, or even a quick chat with someone at Pinterest or on your website development team. It’s totally worth the few minutes to get it all organized and set-up. I highly recommend you push through it!