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optimizing your profile

Beyond just using your profile to house great content, we want it to attract the right people. They way to improve your chances of growing your Pinterest audience, and ultimately increasing your website traffic, is through optimizing your profile description as well as your individual boards.

writing your bio

When users visit your Pinterest profile, they’ll probably be able to immediately see what it is you offer, and what kind of content you’re likely to share, just by looking through your boards. But your main goal with your Pinterest strategy should be to present a problem that your ideal customer might be having and to communicate how you can provide the solutions they need.

The best place to do this that a user can see, right off the bat, is in your Pinterest profile description. This description, as well as your Pinterest name, are searchable, meaning that when someone types “boho wedding florals” into the Pinterest search bar, and if you have those or similar keywords in your profile name or description, then your profile is likely to show up under the People tab.

With the goal in mind to give yourself as many opportunities to rank for your ideal clients as possible, you’ll want to optimize your description to contain keywords related to your products and services, while keeping a personal connection with the user. I find it’s helpful to fill in the following templates or something similar, whichever is most applicable, with your own brand information:

“Hi, I’m _____! I help _______ do ________ by sharing/providing _________. Follow along to see the latest and subscribe so you don’t miss out!”

“At ___________, we provide _________ for _______. Email us at _________ to get started or follow along to see the resources you need!”

Basically, you want to address the user, define who they are or the problem you solve, and explain what it is that you offer or how exactly you solve their problem. For shops, their “problem” isn’t so much a need for information or service as it is a search for products that fit their style, so you’d cater the wording in your description to fit that.

optimizing your board titles and descriptions

A quick note about board titles: it’s become a trend to use these board titles as catchy, unique, personalized titles for the content segmented within, but this isn’t very beneficial for your ranking strategy. Pinterest doesn’t know whether “Waves for Dayzzzz” is a board about surfing or curly hair. Be clear and definitive with your names, and if you can inject a unique twist or bit of personality, then that’s great.

The real opportunity to project your brand voice, while simultaneously including lots of relevant keywords about your board topics, is in your board descriptions.

These are searchable and will help your boards and profile rank in searches relevant to your products or the services you offer. Use solid keywords to represent your board content that relate back to your offerings as a way to improve your Pinterest exposure.

After you’ve finished all of this, there is just one more step to complete to make sure your profile is ready for new business to come rolling in: setting up Rich Pins.