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finding keywords

If you’re not already familiar with SEO, let me give you a brief overview:

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of catering your content on your website to suit a search engine’s algorithm so that your content is ranked high in the list of returned results for a user’s search query. Basically, you want to let Google know EXACTLY what searches you want to be included in the results for, and by playing the game, you can show up higher and higher on the list, increasing your chances at booking a new client or earning a customer off of their traffic to your website.

Pinterest, though touted as a social media platform, actually operates much more like a search engine. It has an algorithm, and you can show the Pinterest Sorting Gods exactly what you’re all about by using thorough, keyword-rich descriptions on your profile, your pins, and especially your boards.

Activity: Think like a client

It’s time to make another list! Pull up your client workbook so we can list out a ton of keyword ideas. We’re looking for phrases and words that your audience might use when searching Pinterest. If you’re a calligrapher and stationer, you might want to look for wedding-related search terms.

A few ideas for finding keywords to use in your marketing: (1) start typing in a keyword in Pinterest’s search bar and see what the suggested additional keywords are, and (2) search for a keyword you know you want to rank for on Google and find the suggested related searches down at the bottom of the search results. Use both of these search engines to tell you what your audience is looking for so that you know where to show up.


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