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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the pressure to market your business on every possible avenue? And have you ever given into that pressure, only to find yourself burnt out in a matter of days? Consider focusing on the single-most productive, effective facet of online marketing. Side hustlers deserve marketing that produces the highest result-to-time-ratio: blogging!

Blogging for Creatives is a course dedicated to creative side hustlers who are passionate about a lot of things, including, but not limited to, money. You want a creative hobby that’ll produce some profit? Take these success-yielding, proven steps to developing a blogging strategy, and watch the money come rolling in.


 does this sound familiar?

Have you ever googled “mechanic near me” and been hit with a sizable list of auto body shops all in one column, the best and seemingly most popular right at your fingertips? How does a search engine know how to rank the resulting list and how does one beat out the others to appear at the top? The explanation is simply, and you can even learn the trick for your own business! One little acronym: SEO

When you hit the “go” button on a specific keyword, results pull in pretty fast, and depending on how much tender loving care has been given to sites using those magic words, one brand will be the top-ranking, with a link to its website below. Are you scrolling to the bottom? Not likely. You’ll stick near the top as you assess your options. 

Here’s another scenario: You’re in the office from nine to five and running a side hustle selling New York bakery-worthy muffins from six to ten every night. You don’t have time, energy, or the luxury of a salaried website optimization expert to monitor your website’s keywords. So how can you manufacture that kind of success to kick your website to the top of a search engine? We’d love to show you.


Eight months ago, you met a new friend through play group and quickly realized your background was similar and you shared a lot of the same interests. Both of you work the naptime shift during daylight hours and seek creative passions by night, hoping to one day turn them into lucrative business opportunities. A few weeks ago, this friend announced her husband cut back his working hours to care for their children in order for her to focus on growing her business; she decided to commit to the side hustle full time. You’re out to dinner with her one night, and get brave enough to ask how her small business reached the point where it began producing adequate funds to support a family. You’re shocked to hear the answer: “I started blogging regularly.

Of course you couldn’t be happier for the success of another creative, but you’re left thinking: “I blog. Is there more to it?” The answer is: yes. Don’t worry — we’ll walk you through it.


 Your hustle deserves online marketing success!

The Bloom Design Company’s Blogging For Creatives course will show you an alternate pathway to achieve your desired results. You don’t have the time to study search engine optimization or meet with marketing consultants, and you don’t need to. Online marketing is unique in that there’s always more than one path to success. You can find that success by learning the basics of SEO and incorporating hyper-focused keywords into your blog posts. You’re passionate about your work. Build a blog to showcase it. Post regularly and write engaging copy. Results will come!

Blogging For Creatives is a five-part PDF download that will help you understand SEO, learn to identify noteworthy keywords, craft engaging blog posts, and identify a blogging strategy for winners. This course helps creative entrepreneurs measure success by teaching them how to communicate with a search engine and get highly-valuable feedback in return. It’ll teach you to win the ranking game, discover new keywords, and perhaps even a new audience you didn’t know existed. Spend less time wondering how you can improve your search results. Instead, drive new traffic to your site and win new customers. The process is less intense than you think. Trust us: we’ve mastered it!

We understand your point of view because we’ve been there. Your marketing budget is sparse and you’re not in a position to sustain a full-blown, every-avenue online marketing strategy. And why should you? You can find the same results by taking the steps listed in this course. This strategy isn’t aggressive or intimidating. It’s easy to maintain, it’s relatively immediate, and it’s all about maximizing the blogging you’re already doing (or at least creating a manageable blogging routine if you don’t already have one). Use your blog as a vehicle to communicate with Google and make the search engine listen. You’re a side hustlin’ mama with a passion you’d like to turn into profits, and you shouldn’t be excluded from a successful SEO narrative just because you’re new to online marketing.

This course is 64 pages of step-by-step tutorials and valuable research that we’ve compiled from our arsenal of experience. Build out your SEO strategy by crafting your blog with more intention and grow your small business in a matter of weeks. Whether you’ve just begun or you’ve been hustling for a while, this course can help you turn your side hustle into a self-supporting machine. Why not try it out?




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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I access this course?

Click the “Add to Cart” button above and purchase! Blogging For Creatives is a digital download, which makes it easy to access anywhere — on your computer, phone, or tablet!

Can I share this course with other creatives?

As creative people, we’re always eager to share our success with others! We’re also painfully aware of the nuances that come with putting time and energy into each creative project without reaping any of the benefits. For this reason, we ask that you not share this content illegally and respect the time and effort we’ve taken to create this course. We’re happy to reveal our secrets and this way, everybody wins.

How long will the course take me to finish?

The course is 64 pages long and has been broken up into five sections. It covers SEO basics, keyword best practices, the anatomy of a successful blog post, and some additional process tips. The content was designed for creators to learn at their own pace. You could read it in a weekend, a few months, or bit-by-bit as you uncover new pressure points you’d like to get a better handle on.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed with creative entrepreneurs in mind, especially those who feel held back by a lack of understanding of online marketing. No previous knowledge is needed upfront. That’s what we’re here to teach you!

Are there other materials I’ll need to purchase before beginning the course?

Not necessarily, although, The Bloom Design Company’s Online Marketing for Creatives Course Bundle is also for available purchase, which includes both Blogging for Creatives and Pinterest for Creatives, along with our e-book Nice to Meet You, Target Client which discusses how to go about analyzing your target audience. These two supplemental resources do not need to be purchased in order to complete Blogging For Creatives.