Why I Didn't Host Any Black Friday Offers This Year

In case you’ve been living under a rock for several years, Black Friday has become a huge deal. People go crazy for sales, and the silly thing is that a lot of them aren’t even that great of a sale! This year, as part of the small business/creative community, I witnessed a lot of really awesome #shopsmall promotions and well-put-together marketing campaigns around the upcoming mega sale. I’m such an advocate for small businesses that it makes my heart happy to see consumers supporting fellow creatives in their little hustles and ventures.

But this year, I purposely did not host any Black Friday offers for any of my small businesses (not Bloom, Unlike Juliet, none of them). And here’s why:

Advertising sales for Black Friday is a big deal, especially to those looking to shop. However, as a small business owner, I tend to avoid hosting sales or deals on my products, even around those “sales” times of the year that everyone expects them. Learn why in this blog post! #girlboss #momboss #graphicdesign #sahm #workathomemom #wahm #smallbusinessowner #etsyshop #etsyseller #branding #bossbabe #workingmama #sidehustle #sidegig #logodesign

I have confidence that I’m charging my worth, and I value that.

Let me explain: I’m not saying that if you hosted a Black Friday sale, you aren’t charging your worth or that people don’t value your product or service at its regular prices. In fact, it’s just the opposite: if you’re finding success throughout the year at your current prices and value, then a Black Friday sale could be the perfect way to engage and grow your audience, resulting in even further success. But everyone prices their goods and services to suit their business and their needs, and if a sale isn’t in your strategy or doesn’t serve your plan for growth, then don’t do it simply because everyone else is.

One thing I’m super passionate about is that small business owners understand the value they present to a client or consumer, and price their products/services to fit that value. That’s the only way you’ll find lasting success in the small business market.

When I price my design services, I have everything budgeted out to the dollar. I know just how much time it’s going to take me, and how much I’ll be passing off to assistants, and how much I’ll be paying them. I know the time savings I’m offering to my clients, and I’m priced to match that with my own time. I don’t overcharge to account for expenses and taxes, because I’ve already accounted for them.

As my product offering and skillsets grow, I’m able to charge more to compensate for the increase in value that I’m offering. I can maintain a sustainable income without discounting products or cutting out all expenses. To learn how you can put your business on a diet, check out this previous post.

If you’re confident that you’re charging your worth, there is no reason to discount.

Just because it’s Black Friday doesn’t mean you have to put your products or services on sale. In fact, it demonstrates a lot of value to your followers when you don’t have lots of sales and giveaways, because it communicates that your products and offerings are worth your time AND their money.

I’m on this small business journey with you, but having worked so closely with so many small business owners this year in the early stages, planning their brand strategy, I have seen a ton of little successes and big failures. My hope is that I can share beneficial content to help you see growth and increased revenue from your little shop in years to come!



Have you ever felt pressured to host a Black Friday sale for your small business, simply because everyone else was doing it? Here is why I almost never host sales for my products, and why I stand by that decision. #girlboss #momboss #graphicdesign #sahm #workathomemom #wahm #smallbusinessowner #etsyshop #etsyseller #branding #bossbabe #workingmama #sidehustle #sidegig #logodesign

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