Hello there! Welcome to the Bloom Design Company blog. This site (and brand) has evolved so many times over the past five years that I couldn't even begin to count, and here's to hoping this iteration sticks. *clinks glass*


I started this site as a platform for me to share my graphic design portfolio and explain my services to potential clients, but this company has become much more than that to me. I want it to have a purpose as more than just a portfolio, just like I want my life to have a bigger purpose than just a portfolio of actions and choices and motherhood responsibilities and times I said something stupid in a large crowd. I want to uplift and inspire more people from my seclusion as a stay-at-home mom than I'm able to in person right now (considering I see like .4 non-immediate family members on average, daily), and I'm hoping that this blog can now fulfill that need.

The renewed purpose behind this blog will be to inspire women to discover their purpose and empower them to be the best version of themselves. This blog will be the ultimate resource for inspiring content, whatever the topic.

I've reached out to some AMAZING friends who are dolls and providing us all with some really great content, and I'm so excited to share it with you. I asked them specifically because I consider them experts in class, knowledge, talent, and creativity, but also because I truly believe that through their example, and the example of any future guest contributors and members of The Bloom Design Company community, we can all grow together to reach our full potential and understand the keys to living a more healthy, happy life.

Thanks for following along!


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Rachel Cottrell | @rachelacottrell

mama to twins • drinker of the Dew

Rachel is a huge fan of TJ Maxx and chocolate chip cookies. She is currently working on updating her 1940s home with her husband.


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