3 Ways My Business is Different Because I'm a Mom

If you’ve got your own side hustle already, then I’m sure I don’t need to sell you on the joys of turning your creative hobby into a legitimate source of income. It’s one of the funnest adventures I’ve ever gone after! I’ve learned so much and really grown as a person as my eyes are opened more and more each day into the worlds of business, marketing, networking, and all of it. But as my family has grown, my business has also evolved. This side business has taken on a much greater purpose than just as a productive creative outlet.

A lot of side hustlers can relate to the feel of urgency or responsibility to run a side gig while also balancing another full-time responsibility, but here are some ways my business is different specifically because I’m a mom. #sidehustle #workfromhomemom #creativebiz #girlboss #stayathomemama #bossmama #creativepreneur #sidejob #sahm #wahm #momboss #bossbabe #bloomdesignco

While I’d recommend a side hustle for any person looking to grow and monetize their creative talents, I’d especially recommend it to mothers. Mothers have qualities that make them uniquely equal to the task of successful entrepreneurship, and I’d want all other mamas to witness the countless blessings and the way it shapes you as a more full person. Today, I wanted to share three of the ways in which my business is different, simply because I’m also a mother.

reason number one:

Because I’m working towards a balance between work life and motherhood, I’m much more purposeful with my time. I’m constantly striving for efficiency in all areas of my business, but also in real life, too. When you don’t have the freedom of unlimited hours to spend growing your side hustle, or with your family, you have to hunker down and bust out as much work as you can, in as little time as you can, so that you can jump back to the other side of the scales and put your focus in the other areas of your life.

I believe this added efficiency improves the value of my services offered through my business, and makes it more worth my time.

reason number two:

I’ve heard other entrepreneurs talk about the loneliness that comes from working for yourself, or working alone in an empty home office all day. I used to understand that, before I had my children. But now, I feel more purposeful and intentional with my time, and I never have a chance to feel lonely because I’m always hustling from one role to the next, working on different goals simultaneously. It keeps things interesting, but I believe it helps bolster my passion for this work, which shines through in my products and offerings and when I’m working with my clients, they can see the joy I get out of this.

reason number three:

My business has to be more than a petty hobby for me, because otherwise it’s not worth it. I’m definitely not reaching for my entrepreneurial goals without intention, because they detract from my role as a mother, and that’s the worst feeling. My business has to mean more to me to get prioritized over the other things in my life; it has to carry a full purpose that benefits all the members of my family. So, as a result, I’ve built this up to be a sustainable income source entirely based on my creative fire and drive. Again, I believe that passion shines through in my work, resulting in high-quality services and and improved client experience.

If you’re considering a side gig as a stay-at-home-mom, I’m not the one to discourage you from pursuing it. I’ll encourage mamas all day long to pursue their creative passion because I’ve seen countless blessings as a result of my side hustle, and I want all mamas to have that opportunity.



Balancing motherhood with your side hustle is not for the faint of heart, but it’s such a wonderful fantastic thing! Here are some ways my side gig looks a little different because I’m also a mom. #sidehustle #workfromhomemom #creativebiz #girlboss #stayathomemama #bossmama #creativepreneur #sidejob #sahm #wahm #momboss #bossbabe #bloomdesignco
My side hustle takes on a whole new priority and purpose because I’m doing this while balancing other full-time responsibilities like motherhood and relationships. #sidehustle #workfromhomemom #creativebiz #girlboss #stayathomemama #bossmama #creativepreneur #sidejob #sahm #wahm #momboss #bossbabe #bloomdesignco

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