Three Reasons to Hire a Professional to Design Your Logo

One of the most common character traits I’ve noticed in small business owners and creatives who are bootstrapping their business from the ground up is that they have drive and motivation to work hard and get things done, even if they’re going at it alone. That is a fantastic way to grow a successful business, as long as you’re recognizing one thing: it’s okay to outsource. You’re wearing a lot of hats, and you’re in charge of a lot of different facets of running your business, but one sure-fire way to run things into the ground is by not taking advantage of outside talent when you can.

It’s one thing to be a go-getter and just get it done, at whatever level of perfection you can achieve on your own. But it’s a totally different, worse thing to do something poorly and turn away potential clients simply because you wanted to save the money and skip hiring the professional. I see this mistake all the time, particularly in the area of branding and graphics for your business. Today I’ll be sharing the biggest reasons you should skip the self-taught, basic branding you can perform for yourself and invest in a solid foundation for your brand’s logo in order to propel your business to even greater success.

When it comes to running your side hustle, I get it: you get a lot of pride out of knowing that you can do it all yourself. Believe me, I feel the same way about my own business! However, one of the quickest lessons I’ve learned in running my side hustle is the increase in value to be had from outsourcing services that aren’t in my wheelhouse to someone who is AWESOME at it. It makes your business look better, and saves you time and stress. #girlboss #bossbabe #smallbusinessowner #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsy #productphotography #sidehustle #creativepreneur #entrepreneur #selfmadebusiness #momboss #wahm #workathomemom #sidehustlinmama

Designers have a level of expertise that can’t be self-taught in a weekend.

There is a reason my family goes out to eat often: we are lacking in either time, skills, or energy and we really love outsourcing the task of food preparation to restaurants and fast food places, budget-allowing. I also don’t design my own clothes. Or build my own furniture. I buy cleaning supplies and home decor from the store. I pay to get my oil changed, and to get my car washed. These are things that I think I could technically create or do on my own, but there is no limit to the mistakes and atrocious decisions I would make on the journey, and I just don’t have the passion or the talent to do any of these things well. I consciously outsource these things and spend money to pay someone else to do them.

If you can only admit to yourself that you are minimally competent at the task of designing an entire brand, and that’s not your area of expertise, then why would you try? A professional designer could accomplish the same task more fully in a much shorter timeframe. Designers have years of education and experience in the same industry and they’ve specialized in a task that you’re just trying to piece together for the first time. Make the investment. In addition to saving you time (as a business owner, yours is precious, after all!), you’ll end up with a much higher-quality, longer-lasting brand with which to showcase your portfolio of products of services.

Good design is always available at a price you can afford.

I think one of the biggest reasons people avoid paying for professional services is that they don’t see it as an “affordable” expense for their business. I consider it just the opposite, as almost a necessary investment on your business’ behalf! There is always space for collaboration in the creative industry and I have no doubt that there are countless designers out there looking to work with a brand just like yours and who would be willing to work within your budget.

If you’re totally unable to extract any meager amount from your budget for a professionally-design logo or collection of brand graphics, there is still hope for you. Whatever services or products you provide, I’m 100% confident that someone would be willing to trade their skills for yours. Especially if you have a large social following! Exposure is a valuable asset these days that allows promotional posts on your social channels to act as a form of currency.

Give yourself (and your business) the opportunity to benefit from the outsourcing of work.

As I said before, you’re wearing a lot of hats and operating so many different little aspects of your business. Imagine all the things you could be doing with your “free time” if you didn’t have to work on tasks outside of your wheelhouse or that don’t bring you as much joy. You’ve (hopefully) started this business off of some creative talent that you love pursuing, and I firmly believe that you are capable of sculpting a business that brings only joy into your life.

Treat the outsourcing of professional design work as your break from the stress and pressure of having to simultaneously act as CEO, financial advisor, marketing director, and graphic design specialist. Your business (and your mental bandwidth!) will thank you.

I’m genuinely ecstatic for you to be on this entrepreneurial journey in whatever creative field floats your boat. I’ve found so much happiness from pursuing my passion and I hope you do, too! Let me work with you to take your brand graphics to the next level and you’ll be astonished at the resounding support you’ll receive from your audience as you sculpt your brand to live up to its full potential.



Instead of struggling to whip out your own inconsistent branding, consider the value of saving your time by outsourcing this to someone who is a professional, leaving you with more time to focus on the other areas of your business! #girlboss #bossbabe #smallbusinessowner #etsyseller #etsyshop #etsy #productphotography #sidehustle #creativepreneur #entrepreneur #selfmadebusiness #momboss #wahm #workathomemom #sidehustlinmama

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