The Anatomy of a Successful Pinterest Pin

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you must also teach it how to drink”? I feel like a lot of side hustlers don’t understand how crucial it is to advertise effectively online. It’s not enough to just throw links to your blog posts up on Pinterest or other social sites. You need to first create captivating content, and then create thumbnail graphics with engaging captions to share on Pinterest to encourage clicks through to your site.

Ever wondered what the most successful, highest-performing Pinterest pins have in common? Today we’re laying out the most important parts of a successful Pinterest pin for you to replicate for your own strategy and planning. #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest #businessstrategy #smallbiz #graphicdesign #sidegig #contentcreation #onlinemarketing #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur

We’ve all skimmed past content on Pinterest that looked spammy, cheesy, or was too hard to read — but the reality is that we very likely could have scrolled right past a really quality blog post! The biggest downfalls to having quality content shared on Pinterest and not getting any clicks are likely that either (a) your pin is not attractive, or “click-worthy”, or (b) no one is finding your pin because it wasn’t properly optimized to rank in Pinterest search results.

Today I’m going to walk you through my suggestions for creating a quality pin to attract new readers to all those quality blog posts you’re slaving over:


The thumbnail graphic

The image or graphic you choose to represent your blog post is crucial. Find or create something that looks professional and accurately and specifically represents the content you’re sharing. If you’re a family and wedding photographer sharing your favorite family outfit inspiration tips, then don’t use one of your wedding photos as the image for your thumbnail. Also, if you don’t have any necessary graphics or images to include on your thumbnail, then keep it simple with a neutral colored background and spruce things up with a creative typographical design of the blog post title.


melyssa uses low-opacity images and bright colors to draw attention, and mentions a freebie on the graphic!


The title oN the pin

News flash: the title you display on your thumbnail graphic doesn’t have to match the title of your post! However, if you have Rich Pins enabled on Pinterest, then your pin will likely still show the real, original post title in the pin area anyway.

I regularly change up the title I use to represent my posts in my thumbnail graphics if that original title has too-long words, or if it isn’t conducive to a pin design that matches my aesthetic. Choose something that is still accurate to represent the post, but get creative to create almost a call-to-action simply with your title, presenting a problem and a solution all in one.


jenna uses her pin to share way more than just the title of her podcast!

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 3.56.40 PM.png

The caption of the pin

If you aren’t familiar with Search Engine Optimization or the use of keywords in text on your website and social media to attract a new audience and rank higher in search results, then let me tell you all about i! Here are some recent posts that describe SEO and the use of keywords in blogging and on social media:

seo basics for beginners
how to rock pinterest for your creative side hustle

Using keyword-rich captions is going to improve your visibility on Pinterest by allowing you to rank more accurately in searches for similar topics to the content you’re sharing. When you finish writing a blog post and get ready to share it on Pinterest, think about what terms someone might be searching for which your blog post provides an answer. Speak directly to this person as you caption your pin with natural usage of keywords relevant to their query and your post itself. You’ve got 500 characters (not including the ones you use on hashtags), so let’s fill that caption up!


check out allie’s quality caption!

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 3.54.43 PM.png

The hashtags you include

Another reason to spend some time researching and thinking through potential search queries that you want to lead to your blog posts is to learn what hashtags you should include on your pins. I shoot for 10-15 hashtags, and I like to vary whether I’m using really particular tags like #idahoweddingphotographer and #westernclothingboutique or general ones like #weddinginspo and #bohofashion. Leaving off the hashtags really limits your exposure on Pinterest, so I highly recommend putting at least a few down, if you’re wanting to save more of those 500 characters for your actual caption.

The strategy you develop

Now that you’ve created a beautiful pin and a clever, keyword-rich caption, where do you go from here? Just pin it directly from your browser and hope for the best? No! You’ve put in all this work, now let’s make the pin work for YOU! I highly recommend developing a pinning strategy that utilizes a third-party automated pin scheduling system like Tailwind. I love Tailwind and I could sing their praises all day. Also, I’ve got a referral link you can click to try out Tailwind Plus for FREE (I do get a kickback if you end up signing up off of your free trial, but I’d recommend Tailwind regardless!).

The main parts of your pinning strategy are to first gather content, then create a schedule based on when your audience is most active, and then follow up to make sure pins are going out and to check analytics to see which pins are performing best. I’d also recommend giving your Pinterest profile a complete overhaul and facelift if necessary to ensure that you’re attracting the right audience!

These suggestions are just that: suggestions. This is what has worked for me and what I’ve found to be the most efficient and effective use of my time marketing on the Pinterest platform, but it’s up to you to develop that strategy and design that ultimately benefits you and your business most! If you’re looking for someone to take Pinterest off your hands, we’d love to be the team you outsource those marketing efforts to.



Wish you knew what would attract readers to your latest blog posts? By creating pins that showcase the quality of your blog posts and content, you’ll better establish yourself as an educator and earn more traffic to your profile. Click through to read all the tips! #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest #businessstrategy #smallbiz #graphicdesign #sidegig #contentcreation #onlinemarketing #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur
This post outlines all the most crucial elements of a thumbnail graphic and Pinterest caption to ensure that your pins on Pinterest are doing their job and successful redirecting maximum traffic to your website or shop. #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest #businessstrategy #smallbiz #graphicdesign #sidegig #contentcreation #onlinemarketing #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur
Get the most out of your Pinterest marketing efforts by making sure that your pins you’re spending the time to create and caption are purposeful and efficiently sharing your content to the right audience on the social search platform. #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest #businessstrategy #smallbiz #graphicdesign #sidegig #contentcreation #onlinemarketing #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur

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