Our Favorite Squarespace Template that We Recommend to Everyone

When I started this business, Squarespace was relatively new. I remember that I chose it for my own site because it seemed really simple and because I’d heard a Spotify ad for 10% off, and that was good enough for me! Flash forward five years and I’m so in love with it that I’m actually designing Squarespace sites for OTHER businesses, and it’s the only platform I work with! It’s my favorite platform for side hustles, women just starting their new business, or for those who just don’t have a strong background or understanding of web design and coding. It offers you a perfect, beautiful platform on which to host your business, and with just a few simple tweaks you can have a completely unique site.

If you’re thinking about designing your own Squarespace site, let me just tell you: there are a ton of template designs and options to choose from, and before you waste too much time scrolling through all the beautiful, customizable templates, we have a favorite template that’d we’d recommend you start with! It’s easy-to-use, utilizes the most versatile and unique functions, and will help your brand stand out on the best website building platform there is! #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #squarespace #websitedesign #DIYwebsite #webdesign #squarespacedesigner #squarespacecircle #smallbusiness #shopsmall #sidegig #bizowner #wahm #workathomemom

And that right there is the main benefit, in my eyes, and what makes it easy to recommend Squarespace to all of my clients: their beautiful template designs are so easy to use and manipulate, even without a background in this kind of thing, and it makes me that much more confident in passing off the site to new users with just a simple phone call training them on the basic functions.

All of Squarespace’s templates are beautiful and professional, but my favorites are those with Index page functionality. Of all the types of pages you can create (Gallery pages, Events pages, Blog pages, Products pages, Cover pages, etc.), my favorite way to elevate a site design is with some cool features only allowed with Index pages. Index pages are basically just stacked regular content Pages, but by stacking the pages you can do a cool scrolling page with some extra bells and whistles, like parallax scroll, full-width galleries, text on overlay image backgrounds, and much more!

My go-to template for nearly all of my site designs is Brine. Brine is the name of a family of templates, but it is also a template itself. All the Brine templates have similar functionality, but since Brine is the “parent” template, it offers the most features and customization options. Brine allows Index pages and it’s pretty versatile, so if you’re looking to jump on the Squarespace bandwagon and wondering which template to pick, here is why I recommend it:

It’s a parent template, which makes it easy to switch between templates in that family.

As your site and offerings evolve, you may want to change up the template you use to showcase and feature different things. Brine is the biggest template family, and if you choose any of those templates, it is super easy to shuffle through the different template options in the future since they all share the basic foundation.

Each time you switch templates, you will need to spend some time doing a little customization of the site in Site Styles, because each template comes with its own unique combination of fonts and colors already styled. However, switching between templates in the same family doesn’t give you as many issues, for example, as if you were to switch from a template with Index pages to one without. You’d have to redesign those single Pages with all the content you had on your multiple stacked Pages creating your Index.

It offers the most customization options of any template in Squarespace’s line-up.

One of the main benefits of using Squarespace is that you start right off the bat with a beautiful site design, and you just need to add in your own photos and text. That benefit is given even more value when you learn enough about the platform to be able to add in your own customizations and tweaks to set your site apart. Brine is the most easily customized template, in my opinion, which is another reason why I love to start my clients off with this parent template.

Some templates are designed with a specific goal in mind, like to be a blog, or a simple landing page for a band or restaurant, or to be a wedding website. Those templates have unique functionality to suit their individual goals, but I see Brine as the most versatile, and that has further cemented it in its spot as the preferred template for me to use for any of my clients.

Banner images and parallax scrolling give you the ultimate opportunities for beautiful imagery and background displays.

As I mentioned before, the ability to use Index pages allows you some cool parallax scrolling functionality and the opportunity for big, beautiful galleries and slideshows, which lends itself nicely to imagery-centric businesses like photographers or online shops.

A good majority of my clients fall into those two categories, so that’s why that functionality is a big deal to me. Nothing is so eye-grabbing and important for a photographer marketing their services online than a website that displays their portfolio in such a beautiful presentation.

The customization options are flexible and perfect for catering to any business.

In addition to allowing unique page designs courtesy of the Index page functionality, Brine also allows for generous customization with both the organization of your site and the design style tweaks available in Site Styles. You can organize your top menu into several different menus in different locations, allow buttons in the header, or show social icons, a search bar or icon, or a shop/cart icon. You can customize the location of different elements and the width of your site and content to cater to mobile users.

When you compare Brine with all the other templates, you can easily see how it stands out in functionality. Even if my clients aren’t web design whizzes (especially if they’re not!) I want them to have the most functionality and customization options in their website so they can stand out online, apart from other competitors.

If you’re looking to jump to Squarespace or revamp your Squarespace site, consider Brine the best option for you and your business. Look into our website set-up and customization services on our Side Hustle Solutions page if you’re interested in getting a quote from us to take care of the customization work for you!



Wondering where to start as you begin designing your own website? It can be overwhelming to scroll through all of the options Squarespace has to offer. But we have a favorite template and in this blog post, we’re telling you all the secrets about choosing a template and why this one is our go-to pick for every client we design for! #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #squarespace #websitedesign #DIYwebsite #webdesign #squarespacedesigner #squarespacecircle #smallbusiness #shopsmall #sidegig #bizowner #wahm #workathomemom
Have a hard time choosing which Squarespace template is right for you? With so many beautiful options, it’s easy to get sucked in again and again and end up changing your design several times. We have a favorite template that we’re talking all about in this blog post! #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #squarespace #websitedesign #DIYwebsite #webdesign #squarespacedesigner #squarespacecircle #smallbusiness #shopsmall #sidegig #bizowner #wahm #workathomemom

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