An Opportunity to Bless Some Families

As a young couple sets out to build their family, things don't always work out exactly how you envisioned in your head. Whatever timeline you set out for yourself as far as when you would have your children or how they would come into your life doesn't always match up with the actual timeline for these things. I never in a million years dreamed I would have a set of multiples, considering it didn't run in my family and I wasn't participating in IVF or any of the processes that make your chance for multiples higher. But they did come to us, in a set of two, a couple years after we had hoped to have our first child. That's my family: perfect, and built not according to my own original plan.


I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to grow these tiny humans and bring them into the world, but I know that is something that a lot of women don't get to do, or at least their journey to that experience takes much longer than mine. It's a hard thing, emotionally and physically, and a lot of times I feel like I can offer no comfort or understanding because my own journey to motherhood was just that: my own, unique, and not identified by the same trials.

I'm so grateful that I have friends who understand the need to recognize families and the amount of difficulty many couples face when starting a family, and who want to do something to help. My friend Calli Richards has put together a program called The Family Project to benefit couples who are building their families through IVF, adoption, or any other means. She is dedicating all proceeds from her photo shoots scheduled between Mother's Day and Father's Day to families looking to grow.

Calli wanted to support this cause because she says:

"I have been very close to people who have struggled to build their family. I see the heartache these struggles can cause, and the pure joy that comes through adoption and IVF. While these solutions are beautiful, they are very costly. This can make it difficult for families to build their families. An individual can only help so much, but as a whole, we can make a miraculous difference."

This is a wonderful opportunity to cherish your own family with some photos and contribute to a worthy cause. Calli has more information about The Family Project on her website. If you don't live nearby, you can even make a donation to her cause here. Join Calli in bringing joys to families by participating in this program!



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