How to Rock Pinterest for Your Creative Side Hustle

Pinterest marketing was my Green Eggs & Ham, up until about six months ago. All I heard was “you should be on Pinterest!” and I just kept telling myself “Pinterest isn’t for my business, I don’t have time for it, and I don’t even like Pinterest marketing, Sam I am.” Boy, was I fooling myself and doing my business a MAJOR disservice.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s a major waste of your time to put all your efforts into creating a wonderful service, only to miss out on potential clients because they never see your offerings? Wouldn’t you ALSO agree that it’s a major waste of your time to spend all your efforts into marketing your product or service, but never investing or working through the kinks in your offerings to make sure that they’re valuable and worthwhile for your audience? They go hand-in-hand for each other, and while I was confident in my products and services, I just wasn’t getting the attention I’d hoped for online on my website and blog posts. Enter: Pinterest.

Need a traffic boost? My recommendation is to spend some time developing a pinning strategy to grow your business’ website presence on Pinterest and ultimately search engines. Pinterest is online marketing’s best kept secret because it’s more of a search engine than a social platform, and often gets neglected by small business owners looking to grow their businesses online! #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #smallbusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemama #onlinemarketing #SEO #creativebiz #sidehustle

Once I took a Pinterest course and starting applying the lessons I learned, my viewership when from 540 monthly viewers at the end of November to about 70K monthly viewers by the end of December. In just one month’s time, I’d established myself to a decent level that I was blown away by, and insanely proud of. Today, only three months later, I’m still climbing, with my monthly viewership around 197K and consistent traffic from Pinterest to my website. I even had a pin go micro-viral, which was a big deal for me because that had never before happened to me!

Pinterest is basically the marketing tool that everyone else is missing, so don’t make the same mistake. This is your chance to shine! The key is to view Pinterest as more of a search engine, and as you learn the ins and outs of ranking on this platform, you’ll basically be getting a crash course in SEO, while simultaneously establishing your brand and getting info about your products and services out to the world in record time. On Pinterest, your content will last forever, making this platform a much more valuable use of your time than scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where your content is only present for a few hours or maybe a day.

In order to get your business on the right track for success on Pinterest, I recommend the following things: spending time optimizing your Pinterest profile, fleshing out a pinning strategy that suits your business, and creating a pinning schedule that you can stick to on a routine basis.

Optimizing your profile

There are plenty of places you can make an impression on new visitors to your profile: your profile picture, your name, your description, and obviously your array of boards and the graphics saved to them. There are two important things to remember:
1. You control who gets to your profile by using keywords throughout your descriptions so that people land on your profile as a result of their search query.
2. You don’t control whether they stay. It’s up to you to give them a reason to stay, and to capture their attention.

It’s not enough just to get them there; you have to sell them on your profile and offerings in order to get them to follow. It’s just as much of a waste to put all this time and effort into a beautiful profile that everyone would want to follow, but to not put any effort into attracting your audience with keywords. It’s a simultaneous effort.

Upload a profile picture of your face for a personal touch, or a brand logo or icon to establish some brand recognition if you’re going for a more professional vibe. Choose boards to showcase that appeal to your audience, and consider making Secret the irrelevant boards that are more personal, like ideas for your two-year-old’s upcoming birthday party or home decor inspiration. Streamline your profile with content that is most appealing to your audience to efficiently communicate the value your brand has to offer and to entice them to follow along.

Another way you can encourage followers and engagement is through the text in your profile description. Include a short bio of who you are, who you help, and what problem you solve. Then at the end, include a call-to-action like “Follow along for tips and advice that will skyrocket you to success!”, or something encouraging that convinces them they wouldn’t want to miss out on following your boards.

After you’ve established a solid, optimized profile, you’re ready to create a pinning strategy to suit your audience.

Developing your pinning strategy

First, ask yourself, “What kind of boards is my audience looking for?” After you’ve overhauled your Pinterest profile with content that your audience wants to see and follow, it’s time to come up with a strategy as far as what you will pin and when. Most people utilize blogging as a form of generating fresh content for their site, and pin graphics related to those recent blog posts to their Pinterest profile, in addition to content from other users that would benefit their audience. I create two or three graphics for each blog post that I pin when it’s published, so I have more of a chance of showing up in search results on Pinterest, depending on what the user is searching. It’s almost more of an A/B testing strategy to see what performs better.

I use Tailwind to schedule all of my pins in advance, and it makes things so easy and convenient! Tailwind shows me analytics around what boards are performing well as well as the pins I’m pinning that get the most traction, so it’s easy for me to see what my audience wants more of. You’ll want to ideally pin at least 20-30 times a day, shooting for 40-60 if you can handle that much. I shoot for 25-ish pins a day, and Tailwind takes care of figuring out the optimal times for me to post.

After I gather all the content I’d like to pin, I schedule one day a month that I batch all the Pinterest pin scheduling through Tailwind just to get it all done for the upcoming month, and it usually takes me just an hour or two to complete. That’s all thanks to Tailwind and how easy it makes this aspect of running my business!

Want to try Tailwind for free for a month? Click here to claim your free trial! Full disclosure: if you end up loving Tailwind as much as I do and decide to upgrade to Plus (the plan I use and love), then I’ll get a $15 credit towards my own annual subscription.

Setting up your pinning schedule

As I mentioned before, when it’s time for me to create my pinning schedule, I usually plan about a month at a time, and I set aside a batch day where all I do is schedule out all these pins until the project is done. One thing I do to help this day run even more efficiently is set up a Secret board in my Pinterest profile called Tailwind where I save all the content that shows up in my feed or that I come across throughout the month that I’d like to share on my feed again at a future date. This takes mere milliseconds of time out of whatever task I was already working on in Pinterest, but it means that when I sit down to pin them all out on my batch day that I’m not scrolling forever and searching on Pinterest for new content to pin.

When you’re creating your pinning schedule using Tailwind or whatever software or method you desire, I’d also recommend prioritizing pinning your own content, and spreading it out so that the same pins aren’t going to the same board on the same day, or so that pins from the same link aren’t being pinned too closely to each other. This will help you avoid appearing spammy and will also signal to Pinterest that your content is fresh and recurring.

I wish you the utmost success in your Pinning endeavors and I hope you see as big of an increase in monthly viewership as I did with this method. This process allows my team to be efficient and effective with our own Pinterest strategy, and we could be doing just the same for you! We offer this Pinterest management as a monthly service, and you can view more details and request a quote on our Social Media Management page. We hope to hear from you!



Want to hear a super simple way to give your website traffic a massive boost FOR FREE? Pinterest. Developing a unique, simple pinning strategy for your brand on Pinterest will lead to insane amounts of new traffic to your blog or website, and without much time spent on your part as the best developed strategy is one that includes lots of automation. #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #smallbusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemama #onlinemarketing #SEO #creativebiz #sidehustle
One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing on Pinterest is that it takes a ton of time and devotion to an intricate pinning strategy. Not so. In reality, my pinning strategy runs on autopilot for most of the month and I get insane recurring traffic to my site on pages and posts I haven’t touched in months! Learn how I utilize an effective pinning plan to further my reach online and improve my SEO. #momboss #bossbabe #pinterestmarketing #smallbusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemama #onlinemarketing #SEO #creativebiz #sidehustle

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