How to Open Yourself Up to Inspiration

I was on top of the world! I just graduated from college, my business was kicking booty, and I thought I had made it. But then...the burn out came. And it came HARD. It was like the viral videos of a kid throwing a ball against a wall only for it to come back and smack him straight in the face! The kid falls down and his face tells you he had absolutely no idea that was going to happen...THAT WAS ME! I threw with everything I had and then WHAM! I was on my butt. And the thing is I was on my butt for a while. I'm a planner, I need to know what's my next step and where I'm headed. So when all of sudden I didn't like what I was doing and I didn't know what I wanted I became major stressed. Let me tell you right now: stress will block out all inspiration! 


There's a difference between inspiration and desperation. Desperation comes when we are stressed and need the next thing. It is impulsive and short lived. Desperation is the duct tape fix to your solution, and businesses can't thrive off duct tape fixes. What you need is real, true inspiration. This inspiration is deep inside you, and when it comes to you it just fits. Everything all of a sudden makes sense and you can't believe you hadn't thought of it before! But in order to receive this inspiration you need to open yourself to it. 


Stress is a useless emotion. It causes havoc in your life and doesn't really help you. Being stressed is the biggest block to receiving inspiration. First, if you are stressed because of your current situation, just remember that everything happens for a reason. That sounds so cliché, but honestly, every season in our life has a purpose. And these moments are only temporary. We need to enjoy every moment we're in. So I want you to find three positives to your current situation. If you have too much on your to-do list, you need to evaluate the importance of everything on that list. Delegate if you can, schedule out when you'll do what, and do one thing on that list to get into a rhythm. Whatever it takes, I want you to get to a place of peace and calm. NO STRESS ALLOWED!

2. Be Still

When we are running around in our daily lives the noise of the world distracts us from hearing inspiration. Life gets busy; trust me I get it! But try this: wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to/usually do. Use this time to go on a quiet walk by yourself, or simply sit in a quite room and just be. No phones, no distractions. Be with your thoughts and just enjoy. I like to walk because actually sitting still drives me crazy! But on my walks I just enjoy what's around me. I feel the air hit my lungs, I feel the sun touch my skin, and the way the ground feels under my feet. Slow down and allow yourself to just be.

 3. Listen to Podcasts or Books

I love to listen to business podcasts. Nothing helps me more than hearing ideas other business owners have. I love to listen but often times I hear a bit and my mind just goes off. Then I realize I haven't actually listened to the last 20 minutes and I have to rewind! The cycle repeats itself over and over. But I always gain so much inspiration! Some of my favorites are Gold Digger with Jenna Kutcher, Unf*ck Your Brain, and Munchin with Mogul.

4. Act!

When that inspiration does hit, the key is to act! At the very least, you need to write it down! I tend to write out an entire page of just my thoughts in actual sentences like I'm talking to myself. Then I run with the enthusiasm and start working on it! This quickly shows me if the idea was inspiration or desperation. If I start acting on an idea and realize that there are barriers that I am not motivated to find a way around then it's very clear to me that I found desperation. But if I hit barriers and knock them down without them even phasing me then I know I'm onto something! 

receive inspiration

Sometimes inspiration hits and we give it our all and it doesn't work out. GUESS WHAT. That doesn't mean you're a failure or you put effort into desperation. I can guarantee you learned something from that inspiration that you will need at a later date. So don't despair; just start the cycle over again and enjoy the moment you're in!

You're a rockstar and you got this!! NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET SOME INSPIRATION! 


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