Living Your Best Life in Every Moment

This saying has popped up in the last few months (or maybe it’s been around a while and I’m just catching on?). It’s meant to build you up, to help you live your life to the fullest. But it's vague and full of expectations. How can we possibly live our best life every day? There’s no way I could skip work and just adventure all day; that’s just not realistic. Plus, how do we even know when we are living our best life? I stress out about silly little things, so of course this idea of living my best life stressed me out. That is, until I was in Hawaii.

How to Live Your Best Life in Every Moment

We went to Hawaii for a full week. It was the only time where I truly put work on pause, and took a REAL vacation. Not a trip for work that included having fun, but a fun-only trip! I was floating on my back in the warm ocean on our third day there. We had just swam out to where the waves broke in the distance, the sun was beating down, I could feel my heart beating hard from the swim, and I became intensely aware of the way the water felt on my skin. I took a deep breath in, and soaked it all up. And I finally had the thought, “This is me living my best life”.

But here’s the thing: my best life isn’t in Hawaii. Because, despite my efforts to convince my husband to move to Oahu, that isn’t my real life. I can’t be on vacation always. I realized in that moment that I was living my best life, day-to-day. Each day that I woke up and got out of bed, I was winning. Every time I laughed with my husband and was cuddled up next to him, I was winning. Every hour that I put into my business, I was winning. My best life looks like me laying on the couch at the end of the night binge-watching Parks and Rec for the 5th time through. You see? Your best life is where you are!!

We find our best life when we put down our phones and let go of unrealistic expectations, when we soak in the moment (EVERY MOMENT!). We have the chance to make each day our best life, and if today doesn’t work out, we have tomorrow. But tough days don’t mean we aren’t living our best life. We can have bad days; what really matters is our attitude towards them and how we use those days to make ourselves better. Find what makes you the happiest and do that!

Don’t wait for someone else to give you validation in your life; live your best life today. So what if the dishes go one more day in the sink if you got to spend 20 extra minutes snuggling your littles? If you sat behind a computer all day and sacrificed so it meant you could help provide, you’re winning. Your best life is where you are. As soon as you realize that, you can start living it!

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