Four Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer as Your Virtual Assistant

Ever felt like you were swimming in work running your side-hustle and had to choose between cutting back or taking the leap to start growing your team before you were ready? Just so you know, there is another option: virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is just what it sounds like: a freelance worker you hire to work remotely as your assistant. VAs typically can perform a wide range of administrative and marketing services, and you just pick and choose what you need and then pay them for their time. It's usually a freelance/contract labor situation, so you don't have to worry about getting your business set-up to add employees to the payroll and all that goes into that. You also have a lot more VA options available to you since you aren't limited to those living geographically close to you and your shop.

Making the decision to outsource part of your workload or business tasks is a big step, and once you take it, your business will never be the same (hopefully in a good way!) It’s to your advantage to hire a virtual assistance or to outsource your work to someone with a degree of background knowledge in design as a way to get more bang for your buck! #girlboss #momboss #virtualassistant #creativepreneur #sahm #wahm #workathomemom #sidehustle #smallbusiness #momtrepreneur

This rest of post will mostly be a shameless plug for The Bloom Design Company services. Consider yourself warned. If you aren't looking for a VA or would never consider hiring us, whether from lack of need or disagreement with our firm conviction that Han shot first, then hopefully you can use this post to promote your own services as a virtual assistant if you are a graphic designer looking to expand your own services.

As virtual assistants, my team and I bring a wide range of skills to the table, the most crucial of which are our graphic design talents. When you hire a VA, you expect them to treat your business with the same passion you would and to understand your vision and brand. A graphic designer has experience with consistency and visual cohesiveness and will inherently better understand how to work as your assistant, delivering a better quality work. I'll make my case below:

1. Graphic designers bring new resources and skills to the table.

A legit graphic designer will come equipped with all the resources you might need to continue presenting a professional image to your followers and customers, and if you ever needed a rebrand, now's a great time! A graphic designer as your VA can offer a lot of value as they craft a new logo or organize your business' graphics while all you have to do is pay them your agreed-upon rate. You're likely going to enjoy a cost savings over hiring an outside firm to create beautiful graphics for your brand, and your VA will have an increased understanding of your brand since they'll be more involved in other areas as well.

A keen eye for professionalism and eye-catching visuals is going to go a long way, and your money will be well spent adding a graphic designer as a virtual addition to your team.

2. Graphic designers are used to adhering to deadlines.

I don't know a single graphic designer who wouldn't benefit from communicating a timeline or deadline to those they collaborate with on projects. If you're looking for an organized, dependable worker, you can trust a graphic designer to understand the benefits and necessity of sticking to a deadline or creating a schedule for the work they do. We understand how to bill our time and we know how to be efficient, saving you more time and getting you more bang for your labor buck.

3. Graphic designers understand the demands and responsibilities of working remote.

Graphic designers who run their own business likely already understand how to operate remotely and how to easily shift from personal to work time. They can pause and restart projects without losing momentum and they value and respect both their time and yours. They know their limits and understand what to expect from a project without in-person collaboration. You want someone like this, someone who values your time and respects your authority as their clientele, but also knows their stuff, and knows how to do it well at home, without getting distracted, and without needing you to hold their hand.

4. Any assistant will help you grow your business without growing your expenses too much, but a graphic designer has skills that are invaluable.

Implementing good branding and visual design will revolutionize your business. A clean, professional logo will make your business feel more accomplished, and having additional members of your team indicates growth and communicates success for your brand, more-so than doing everything on your own and running yourself to the ground.

I'm a little biased obviously, but I'm super passionate about small business owners bringing in help for their business when they've plateaued, don't know where to go next, or need a sounding board or collaboration partner without compromising the value of the business they've worked so hard to create.

Need help with running your business? Don't be afraid to admit it. In fact, it's the opposite: you admitting you need help to grow your brand shows courage to take a leap and see just how successful you can be. Reach out to us on our Contact page to start a project or learn more about how we can help you on our Virtual Assisting page!



As you make plans for growing your business, you’ll no doubt see benefit from outsourcing certain tasks in your work load. To make the most of your money when you hire a virtual assistant, here are four reasons why you should make sure your assistant has some degree of background education in graphic design! #girlboss #momboss #virtualassistant #creativepreneur #sahm #wahm #workathomemom #sidehustle #smallbusiness #momtrepreneur