Five Ways that Your Side Hustle Serves Your Family

I’m all about productivity. And purpose. And money. If something isn’t going to make me feel more productive or purposeful, or if it doesn’t earn me any income, then I have a really hard time justifying that action. Hence the reason I have such a hard time keeping commitments to myself to workout or read more. I have to remind myself that those are valid uses of my time, and make me purposeful by allowing me to spend time on myself so that I can be more present for my family later.

Running my own business has turned me into a completely different person than I was before. I’m more confident and more creative, and those are just two of the traits that carry over into my relationships and interactions with my family and friends! I will always support the start of new side hustles. #girlboss #momboss #bossbabe #creativegenius #entrepreneur #sidehustle #sidegig #passiveincome #familytime #motherhood #wahm #workathomemom #sahm #momlife #etsyseller

If you’re at all like me, and struggle to see how spending all your time working on a side hustle could possibly benefit you or your family, let me spell things out for you. I’ve seen incredible growth in my confidence and abilities as a result of taking that initial, hesitant step to pursue this business. I know that it makes me a better person and a better mother!

Today I’m sharing just five ways that your side hustle will benefit your family or improve your life in some way, although there are of course a bajillion different ways you can look at all the good that comes from you staying creative and working towards your dream. Take a look at the list below and then tell me what blessings you’ve seen come into your life as a result of your own leap of faith to pursue your creative side hustle!

Your side hustle makes money for your family.

This is an obvious one, and it’s probably the underlying motivation for most of us in pursuing our passion. If it’s not serving your family and making money, then why waste your time doing busywork just for the stress of it? Living a full life is definitely chaotic, but it’s also beautiful when you reach that balance, and allowing your business to bring in its full potential of income helps you achieve that balance where you are able to work smarter, not harder, and utilize passive income to do the income-generation for you.

Passive income is your key to life. The key to sanity. The key to an incredible opportunity for your family. If you want to really serve your family with your side hustle, develop passive income streams that let the money roll in without you lifting a finger or taking any extra time away from your family. This extra money could be the literal ticket to get you on a romantic Hawaiian getaway with your husband or to get your kids to Disneyland before they turn three and cost you an additional arm and a leg.

Any extra money you’re making from this side hustle could be an opportunity to bolster your budget and get your family’s financial future on a good track, and that right there is good enough for me, even without all the extra benefits below!

Your creativity carries over into other areas of your life.

I’ve found that my passion for things outside of my side hustle (like preparing activities for my family or planning updates to my house) get a huge boost on days when I’m really in the thick of it, working on fun client projects or brainstorming fun new things for my business. I think that the more I work on my side hustle, the more I get this adrenaline rush from all the productivity and creativity, and it helps me better streamline the rest of my crazy life.

As I get more involved and creative with my business, I think of cool ways to get my kids creative too, and that makes me feel like this hustle is a little more purposeful when it brings joy to my children’s life through exploring new activities. And as my artistic mind grows with each new branding or graphic design project, I have been able to really hone in on my style and taste, which lends itself well to redecorating rooms in our home. I really haven’t ever felt I had a definitive style until recently, and my home is kind of an eclectic array of cheap decor from the past several years of my life. But now that I’ve narrowed in on my aesthetic, through my constant creativity used for this business, I can begin planning a purposeful home that suites my taste and serves my family with function and intention.

Your network of friends and connections grows.

I’ve met some of the coolest people and become close with total strangers thanks to social media and client connections. I love that I have so many resources of people I can turn to with questions or refer friends to if they have a question! It makes me feel useful and resourceful, and I love getting to know so many unique people and their creative businesses.

I think that networking and establishing connections with others in your industry is huge. Networking goes hand-in-hand with word-of-mouth marketing, and this is how you’re going to grow your business the most in its early stages. Not to mention the huge benefits of having friends and colleagues in your corner when you’re going through the hard trials of motherhood! Find someone with whom you can connect over your shared passion for running a creative business in conjunction with running your family and household, and see how you can support each other.

Your confidence grows.

I’ve met so many creative business owners over the years who are actually quite shy and laid back. But when you get them behind their craft, marketing their services, and making connections on social media, their inner entrepreneurial beast is born. I know just how easy it is to hide at home on days you don’t feel like socializing with the world, but running your business kind of forces you to push back against that urge, to confront any laziness before it creeps in, and to learn more about yourself and your motivations than you ever would have otherwise.

I’ve gotten much more comfortable with speaking to strangers about their passions and their business, and that skill has helped me in all areas of my life being able to hold a conversation without feeling awkward, or like I was socializing "incorrectly”. Believe it or not, these were the things that plagued me in the past haha. I love who I am and my identity as a small business owner, and it does so much for your confidence that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Your side hustle helps you set an example for your children.

Beyond just keeping you organized and giving yourself purpose, pursuing a side hustle is a great opportunity for you to be an example to your family of hard work and perseverance. My kids wave to my office in town whenever we drive past, and even though they’re little now, I’m so proud that they’ll look back on the time they went to the nanny’s every Tuesday and Wednesday and know that was because “mommy was working”. I love that they know what it looks like when I’m working, and I hope that they’ll see that as years go on and be able to pick up on the example of my hard work. They help me with chores, and understand that’s referred to as “work” also. This whole side hustle gig has really opened up a lot of educational moments with my young toddlers.

I’ve been encouraging my kids to be creative as well by drawing or painting or working on their toy computers whenever I do need to pull mine out while they’re around, and I refer to it as all of us “working together”. It’s been a fun bonding moment to do something with them, and I know they really need those times of structure and creativity with mom. It also provides a contrast to the structured time specifically designated for “free play” which helps them learn that balance and transitioning from one activity to the next.

As you can see, I’ve seen my family grow leaps and bounds, closer together, and individually as we’ve all gone through this journey of me pursuing this side business together. Because it really is a journey that we’re taking as a family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In what ways has your creative business blessed your life?



I love the ways my creative side hustle has enriched my life, more than just financially! Considering starting a side hustle of your own? Here are five reasons why you should, and how staring a business can be the best move you could make for your family. #girlboss #momboss #bossbabe #creativegenius #entrepreneur #sidehustle #sidegig #passiveincome #familytime #motherhood #wahm #workathomemom #sahm #momlife #etsyseller
If you’re having doubts about whether your side hustle is a good fit for your family, consider these side effects and benefits of running a small business on the side to see if they line up with your own experience! #girlboss #momboss #bossbabe #creativegenius #entrepreneur #sidehustle #sidegig #passiveincome #familytime #motherhood #wahm #workathomemom #sahm #momlife #etsyseller

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