8 Ways to Spice Up Your Blog Sidebar

What’s the number one response or suggestion when you search for tips on growing your business online? Blogging. Blog blog blog. It seems like a daunting enough task to be significant, right? In truth, optimizing your website for better search engine rankings is the overarching goal or factor here in expanding your online success, but blogging regularly on your website is going to be exactly what puts you over that hurdle to start ranking efficiently.

Eight Ways to Spice Up Your Blog Sidebar | Getting new traffic to your website is great, but how can you hold their interest and keep them there for longer? Including links in your blog sidebar and further suggested reading will help users stay engaged and on your website. #blogsidebar #squarespacetips #websitedesign #blogging #onlinemarketing #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #creativebusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemom

So the main reason you would want to blog is to get people to see your site and your products and services. But once you get them there with your blog posts, what’s their next step? You want to keep users on your site as long as possible, because that increases their chances of booking your services or purchasing one of your product offerings. Google does look at the length of time a user spends on a website as one of the ranking factors indicating how relevant a website is in answering a user’s search query, so it’s even more beneficial to keep people around. One easy way to accomplish this is by decking out your blog with a fancy, full-feature blog sidebar.

Even though our Bloom site doesn’t currently utilize a blog sidebar (because our audience is primarily mobile), we have content throughout the blog posts that refer users to other areas of our site. If you’re already pretty established with your blog content and you don’t feel like spending the next several years going through and updating past posts, then consider adding a blog sidebar to accelerate your online marketing strategy.

But what should you even put in your blog sidebar? Don’t worry — we’ve gathered some killer ideas for you below:

Add a headshot and bio.

Put a face to your name and describe yourself in a few lines so that your readers and followers can get to know the person behind the quality content they’re reading.

Include links to other pages and sites or social links.

Your blog sidebar can be the perfect place for you to direct users to other internal pages or to your other sites and platforms like your online gallery, a third-party booking site, or your social media accounts.

Showcase recent blog posts.

Keep readers around for longer by showing some of your recent posts that might appeal to them if they are enjoying the one they’re reading currently.

Display reader favorites (posts, products, or anything else!)

Show off some of your most highly-visited products and posts! Really, use this space to feature anything you are proud of and want to display to anyone who visits any blog post.

House your Instagram feed in your sidebar.

To further entice your readers to get even more info and updates from you directly, feature your latest instagram posts and an easy link for them to click over to start following you.

Link to other categories of posts or to an archives page.

Get specific and add some categorized links so that readers can easily browse similar posts or check out the archives to read all posts on a topic that interest them.

Host ads for other products or businesses.

As a way to feature products and brands you love, or to possibly get in a little extra revenue each month, you could offer advertising spots in your blog sidebar.

Include a newsletter sign-up.

Even if you can’t hold them hostage on your website forever, leave a visitor with the opportunity to subscribe to your email list with their email address so that you can reach out to them in the future!

We love catering website designs to your business’ strategy. Whether you want a desktop-optimized website with a beautiful sidebar or to focus on a mobile audience with links within the post like on our site, we’d love to work with you to take your website on Squarespace to the next level. Check out our website design services here!



The key to winning over new site traffic is selling them on your site. Keep them interested and sticking around! One easy way to hold their interest and introduce new content to keep them on the site reading is by using your blog sidebar for more than just a mini bio. #blogsidebar #squarespacetips #websitedesign #blogging #onlinemarketing #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #creativebusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemom
Looking for a way to get more value out of the content on your blog sidebar? Here are some ideas that are sure to show your audience your value and keep them interested and reading on your site for longer! #blogsidebar #squarespacetips #websitedesign #blogging #onlinemarketing #girlboss #bossbabe #momboss #sidehustle #creativebusiness #sahm #wahm #workathomemom

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