Blogging for Pinterest 101

Many creatives see blogging as “just another” aspect of marketing they could spend their time on. It’s portrayed as a big time-sucker, regardless of its apparent value, and a lot of side hustlers neglect this key marketing strategy in favor of less productive ones.

Creating a blogging strategy that works alongside your Pinterest strategy actually makes the time you’re putting into marketing your business online so much more purposeful, and yields much greater results on both search engines and Pinterest for the small extra focus and time spent on producing quality blog posts.

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You’ve heard of SEO, right? If you haven’t, Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing your website in a way that encourages Google or other search engines to rank it higher in search results. You optimize your site to be a more attractive answer to search queries, and Google will suggest your website in the list of websites and links it provides to the user, using a complicated algorithm to determine the order in which it brings back sites.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways you can optimize your website with keywords that tell Google what your website and services are all about. By producing content regularly, you’re telling the search engines that you’re a regularly operating, open-for-business brand, and you gain their trust when that content is high-quality, keyword-rich, and published on a recurring schedule. That’s blogging, right there. Simply by becoming more active on your blog, by developing a blogging strategy, you’re producing content that will allow you to rank higher in search engine results.

But just throwing blog posts out on the internet isn’t enough. It will help your ranking, but developing this blogging strategy in conjunction with a Pinterest strategy is where you’re going to find the most success.

When you’re blogging, blog with Pinterest in mind. Here is a checklist of things you need to keep in mind while blogging:

  • Use titles for your posts that explain exactly what the post is about, and encourage clicks by offering some sort of readily-communicated value.

  • Update your blog post URL to include keywords that Google and Pinterest can recognize to help you rank in searches on both platforms.

  • Create beautiful thumbnail images for your blog posts that will encourage engagement on Pinterest, whether through repins or clicks through to your website.

  • Optimize the images on your blog post with keyword-rich descriptions and alt-text that auto-populates when you or a user pins that image to Pinterest from your website.

  • Install a plug-in or check your settings on your site to make sure that your “Pin it” label is active when a user hovers on your images to make sharing your post to Pinterest as easy as possible.

Now that you’re creating posts that are primed and ready to rank, it’s your job to get the ball rolling by developing a pinning strategy to share those thumbnails as the new posts publish. I use Tailwind to schedule out every blog post as it is published and I highly recommend it! If you you want to test it out with no commitment, click here to try out Tailwind Plus for a month for free! (full disclosure — if you click that link AND sign-up, I will get a kickback. But I’d recommend Tailwind for any creative business owner looking to schedule out their pins regardless of whether any kickback was offered).

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Happy blogging + pinning!



The best way you can grow your Pinterest following to attract new site visitors is through purposeful blogging. This post shares all our SEO and organization tips to make sure you’re doing what you can, and purposefully! #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest#businessstrategy #smallbiz #blogging #sidegig #seo#searchengingoptimization #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur
One of the best ways I’d recommend boosting your website traffic is to start a blog and upload new content regularly, pinning to Pinterest when published. But how can you make sure that content will gain traffic on the social search site? Here are some tips to ensure your blogging maximizes your Pinterest strategy. #sidehustle #bloomdesignco #pinterest#businessstrategy #smallbiz #blogging #sidegig #seo#searchengingoptimization #wahm #workfromhome #creativebusiness #entrepreneur #momtrepreneur

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